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About Ken Zuercher

Ken Zuercher has performed regularly as a guitarist in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio for several decades. After graduating from college in 1976 with a music education degree, he traveled throughout the country as a performing musician. Two years later he settled in as a design engineer at the historic pickups and pedals company DeArmond,Inc. While at DeArmond, he designed the 260 acoustic guitar pickup and learned the manufacturing process. His 260 pickup remained in the catalog until the company was sold to Fender. In 1982 Ken changed careers and became a broadcast engineer at the public radio affiliate in Toledo. There he supervised expansion of the radio broadcast facilities. And as recording engineer for the Toledo Symphony radio broadcasts, he further sharpened his musical and technical skills. Shifting gears one more time, Ken turned to teaching and has taught guitar classes and jazz combo at Toledo School for the Arts for the over 15 years. But after 10 years of teaching the amplifier business came calling and he began building in earnest, incorporating in 2012 as Zuercher Amplification, LLC.

Ken started Zuercher Amplification when he was challenged by his son Andy- also a fine guitarist-to build an amp for him. So Ken started with standard circuits, redesigned and fine-tuned them to create an exceptionally warm and clear sound. Building the cabinets from scratch was a real learning experience. The cabinet dimensions and choice of wood brought out a tone not heard before. Additionally, hand selecting the components and carefully choosing speakers and transformers led to a fully researched and constructed amp. We guarantee you’ll not tire of the sound and feel the need to replace your amp.


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